Phil Squires's tutoring skills

Sports Science

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  • Undergraduate: £25 per hour

    BA Hons

    I am good at Sports Science. Trust me.

Tennis Coaching

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  • Novice: £20 per hour

    Individuals, groups

    I will work with beginners, novice and even total newbies to the game. Teaching the rules, basics of tennis and how to hit a ball.

Phil Squires's summary

Hey I'm Phil and I'm a tennis coach from Pinner, London. I have played tennis since I was a 12 year old out on the school fields.

I have badges in X,Y & Z and I am a professional tennis coach.

When I was at university I became a bachelor of science in Sports science, and further went onto coach tennis in Greec for the Summer.


I have a lot of experience. I'm good at what I do.


  • BA Hons Sports Science
  • Some Tennis Badge
  • C - A Level Drama
  • D - A Level Psychology
  • C - A Level Media

CRB Check: Yes

Will Tutor:
One to ones: Yes
Groups: Yes
Classes: Yes
Online: No

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